Saturday, February 28, 2009

Owning My Adventure

I must concur that it has been way too long since I last was blogging. However, I found myself not liking the old blog and wasn't sure what I wanted out of my new one. Then it hit me - adventure. Not just any adventure, but the adventure of being Mommy AND Me. What does it mean to own our adventures?

It has been quite a rollarcoaster the past 18 months - I have been responsible for another human being other than myself! And in the process of becoming a mommy, I began to wonder where 'me' was in all of this. I went from full time work, traveling, adventures - to, well.... motherhood. And all of a sudden I found myself wondering "what now?" Oh Jordan, Jordan, Jordan...if only I'd known that I'd just traded one adventure for another - an adventure that I'd begin to cherish every moment of every day!

Owning my adventure - I love the fact that this new adventure is still ME. Yes I have the daily routine tasks, but there is ME in those daily tasks and I have learned so much about myself. I love the fact that since having my daughter and being at home with her that I still get to develop my skills, passions, and learn new things. I love the fact that I can laugh when - once again - I've left the house with no diapers, but diaper wipes; no wallet, but purse; left with a pajama shirt still on with jeans that has breakfast all over it; that 'late' is all relative - I'm owning my adventure. I love the fact that I've continued to bring some much-needed income into the family through freelance work and that it can be done while my daughter builds with blocks and watches "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" - I'm owning my adventure.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Healing in Transition

We have been in quite the transition period over the past year. Facing our fears and listening to the Lord, we embarked to go where God was leading rather than where man was telling us was the right path. I myself had been looking for a place to connect and be fed and encouraged through The Word and with like-minded friends.

I say this all, because at some point, God always brings me back to my "roots of influence/growth". I would have to say that there are many people who have shaped what I am today and what I believe, but those that have, I am ever so grateful for God bringing them across my path. And to those of you - my friends - at The Navigators, Charis Bible College, & my FBC MOPS ladies - may the Lord bless you just as you have blessed me and my family!

I have gone from a place of grieving and feeling inadequate and exhausted; to feeling refreshed, encouraged, and capable. There have been friends and people who have come alongside and offered a helping hand - many without knowing it - and helping me steer through these past months of transition; and not just me, but to my husband as well. To feel again the ability and the capacity to reach out and give back as I once felt before is invigorating. And though the waves are still rolling high, I now feel encouraged and prepared. I am reminded that I am not alone; that there are others.

There is a song that I have never once not gotten goose bumps while listening to/singing. It still grabs a hold of me and ministers to me and I am so excited to feel the passion that was once so strong long ago, has returned!

Trees of life are blooming Your word plants the seed and we feel it
growing. Your kindness leading to repentance, We see traces Of deliverance Lord, thank You for mercy

Oh, can you hear it?It's the song of the redeemed; The pursuit of
passion for the one who set us free.

Oh, can you hear it? We're crying out for
more. Listen to our song, It's turning into a Holy Roar

Rivers of renewal Spirit whisper a revival And send us rushing Open hearts with hopes of unity Servants to love in lost humanity. Lord, send us reaching.

Oh, we come rejoicing and singing and
crying out to you, Lord Can you hear the Holy Roar

- Christy Nockles, Watermark

I am so thankful for the Lord's leading and for His voice and for those who listened to Him simply by reaching out and extending a hand. There truly is healing in transition.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Total Money Makeover

I'm sure that no one has to be told to turn around and look at what's been happening in our economy these days! I honestly have to say that it is right now where I sit on our not so new couch, looking at the spotted carpet and think to myself "I am so thankful just for a house that we can come home to everyday and have food on the table".

As soon as Kaileigh was born last September, we had to make some MAJOR life adjustments as far as finances and lifestyle went. We went from having a 2 income household to a 1 income household much sooner than expected because of pregnancy complications causing me to resign my job 2 months before my due date. In the following months, we went from getting the bills paid and having a 'little' left over, to paying the mortgage and then deciding what bills we paid first and what ones we paid late. I've never been so depressed and angry with myself. Until I was able to get my freelance business up and running full time, we went to the "cash only"budget - if we couldn't pay cash, we didn't buy it. WOWZERS. Never had ever done this before!

Going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University: The Total Money Makeover, as well as seeking counsel from our financial advisor at Freedom Financial Services, we buckled down and started to plan out an attack towards our debt and spending.

18 months later, we have paid off all 3 credit cards, re-tracked our student loans, and have only one other "payment" minus our mortgage. We follow Dave Ramsey's plan to a 'T' and we only spend cash and are still in the stage of "purging and selling" anything we don't need and/or use. Two years ago I would've told you there was no way that I would be able to stay home with our daughter and have our debt almost paid off - but it IS possible. In this entire process, we have never stopped our tithing and finally are back in a place where we can give what we consider "above and beyond".

I want to hear "Well done good and faithful servant; you were faithful with the little that I gave you and managed well." And I want my daughter to see that we were wise with what God has given us so that she can then grow up and apply the same principles.