Thursday, February 25, 2010

THE Liquithon

I mentioned the other day about WholeFood Farmacy's Liquithon. Below is in-depth information. You are getting way more than the price and quite honestly, what is more priceless than our health and being? I don't think you can really put a price tag on that!

With the Liquithon you can enjoy 13 days of raw, liquid wholefood nourishment based upon meal offerings that were called "rational fastings" in ancient times. You are not going to find anything like this out there right now. I am truly impressed with the Farmacy's product and nutrient overall. The Liquithon unifies, integrates, and harmonizes your physical, emotional, and mental dimensions resulting in a more fluid, peaceful, and greater sense of well being.

You get 7 meals a day over 13 days! This includes a one pound bag of each of our their 7 Farinas: AmpliPhi, BeautiPhi, ClariPhi, DetoxiPhi, ElectriPhi, FructiPhi, and GloriPhi. You will also receive your very own Free Wholefood Farmacy Shaker Cup!

Not familiar with farinas? Here you go!

#1 AmpliPhi, the red farina , affects the circulatory system, heart, and helps to move around so many necessary nutrients. You will find this farina particularly uplifting and stimulating.

#2 BeautiPhi, the orange farina , affects the endocrine system and what is often referred to as the qi. This is so important to all of us for strength, cleansing and balance. You’ll find your attitude improve and you’ll experience a lightness of body and spirit.

#3 ClariPhi, the yellow farina, works strongly with the liver, solar plexus, and of course the nervous system. This farina seems to aid in concentration and focus as well as the ability to take in more easily your environment.

#4 DetoxiPhi, the green farina, is really the king pin of clean’s’ing. This is the meal that moves the stuff on out. Drink it cold or room temperature and enjoy the benefits of a clean colon. You will also find yourself moving more easily and find walking and exercise to be more enjoyable.

#5 ElectriPhi, the blue farina, really wakes you up in the morning. What an exciting way to introduce your taste buds to the new day. ElectriPhi makes your bones happy to be out of bed and ready for a morning walk. This one will make you smile!

#6 FructiPhi, the indigo farina, allows you to breathe more easily. Feel the energy of this farina’s ability to help your respiratory system breathe in the good and expel the used. As refreshing as an Appalachian lavender sunset.

#7 Gloriphi, the violet or purple farina, unchains the brain and increases the flow of all things in the ever so important lymphatic system. This one works great, and tastes great. Kids love this farina and it is so wonderful for them.

Now, I paid $129 for this 13 day program. You cannot even buy a true cleansing kit alone for this price for this many days and this is not just a cleanse, but a nutrient infuser and booster for your body that you will continue to reap benefits from. I tell you what, if you are looking for a way to help jump-start yourself back onto a healthy path and get some added benefits of cleansing your body and not just losing weight to "diet", then this process is amazing!

So there you have it - my 2 cents worth! Let me know if you end up trying this and how it works for you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Kick Butt Weight Loss Solution

So it's only taken me 2 1/2 years to lose all of my baby fat I gained after being pregnant! I only gained a total of 12lbs while I was pregnant and I was doing good. Then the baby came and I dealt with postpartum and frustration of diet restrictions while nursing. Anything raw tore my daughter up and I was hungry from all of the calories being burned. I resorted to LOTS of carbs. And on top of that, I was dealing with one of the most difficult and abusive clients I've ever done work for. When it was all said and done, I gained over 30lbs alone after my daughter was born!

Several of you have asked what I've been doing to lose so much weight and get toned up. So I am going to share my solution with you. You have to keep in mind that what works for me, may not necessarily work the same for you. I've come to realize that - especially after childbirth - what worked before, may not work now!

The past month has been spent cutting calories, exercising, and getting into a routine. Not just an exercise and eating routine, but a routine for my entire life - physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have a flexible routine every morning that allows me to get organized and ready for each day, weather we are staying home or going out. And have been working on eating at the same time every day, when possible.

Both my husband and I started our "program" by doing the Special K challenge. This really helped us to not have to count all of our calories at the start, because each serving was already written out for us. We did this for about 3wks and definitely noticed results. Once we both had it figured out how much we each needed for caloric intake, we were able to adjust and make meals with this same idea in mind. I also used the WholeFood Farmacy's "Liquithon" to help jump start my efforts.

All the while keeping up with daily exercise and weights at the gym. I have also incorporated what I call a "Deck" workout: you take a deck of cards and separate the blacks and the reds. One color is situps; the other color pushups. I use our AbLounge for the situps and use the exercise ball to do the pushups. (starting out can be done on the floor on knees for less exertion). Then I do about a 35-45min workout at the gym in cardio, while adding in weights workouts to my legs.

This little "regiment" alone has put me down 2 sizes and a total of 15lbs! My goal is to lose about another 20lbs to get to my peak optimum weight for my age and height. No "dieting" or starving has had to take place and I have been feeling GREAT and able to stay committed because nothing has changed except my lifestyle of eating. Everything has been in moderation. Consistency has been the key for me. The best thing I've liked about all of this, is it has been easy to do when away from the house and during the holidays. In fact, the bulk of my weight was lost DURING Christmas!

Currently, I still do a bowl of low calorie and high grain cereal for breakfast, either a protein meal bar or protein shake with fruit added for lunch, and then a regular meal. I have snacks as well that I've either created and have the calories listed or found low calorie, filling snacks that help to hold over until meal time. I've also started to keep recipes of all our dinners because I have everything measured out to keep track of each calorie, so now all I have to do is follow my little recipe card and can mix and match foods!