Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Own Tea Party

I have been a fan of Numi Tea since before it really became a hot item on the organic market. And I am not a tea drinker either. The only tea that I've really ever enjoyed has been true English tea, as I drank that in place of coffee when I lived over in Europe for 5 years. Other than that, I love the smell of teas, but always have a hard time with how 'watery' the flavor is compared to the smell.

Well NOT with Numi! You can get the true tea leaves to steep, or you can also now get bottled and bagged teas as well. I still order online, as it is cheaper than getting them in bulk at a Whole Foods, Sunflower, or Sprouts.

I have found that my evenings, of late, I love to use these teas for a little warm drink that relaxes, tastes, and smells amazing!

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